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Zee Solutions: Making a Great First Impression

Recruitment is at its’ highest this quarter for Zee Solutions in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The Managing Director notes how first impressions in interviews are crucial as the competition for employment is rife, with research from ‘The Telegraph’ finding that an average of 83 people are applying for every graduate position.

Research suggests that first impressions are not just based on verbal communications, 55% is based on your appearance, 38% is down to your energy and enthusiasm, and merely 7% is what you say. Zee Solutions highlights that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it has been estimated that it takes us as little as 3 seconds to make a first impression of someone that we have never met before. Zee Solutions have outlined five key points that will create a positive and lasting first impression with interviewers and employers.

1. Have good time management: Nobody is interested in your excuses for running late. Plan to arrive early, making allowances for traffic, or getting lost! Arriving early gives you the chance to relax, and settle any nerves, composing yourself before the interview.

2. Honesty and integrity: Be yourself. If you are putting on a façade the interviewer will pick up on this. If you are calm and confident in your own ability and personality then the interviewer will feel more at ease and you will have better foundations for creating a good impression.

3. Appropriate appearance and presentation: Physical appearance is the first thing the interviewer has to draw clues about what sort of person you are. Acting and dressing appropriately for the position you are interviewing for is vital. Dress to match the smartness of the person who will be conducting the interview, too causal and it indicates your lack of seriousness, too formal and it shows you are out of touch with the atmosphere. It is important to be clean and tidy, having clean hair and presentable makeup as standard. Appropriate grooming and dressing also helps you ‘feel the part’ and thus you feel more calm and confident.

4. Body language: A friendly, confident and sincere smile will show the interviewer you have a great attitude, and an open personality. Your body language can be used to project self-assurance, stand tall, smile and always greet with a firm handshake.

5. Politeness and respect: Having good manners, being attentive and courteous goes along way. Turn off your mobile phone and if it rings, don’t answer it. Be careful with humour, stay away from sarcastic remarks that could backfire.

Zee Solutions states that interviews can be a stressful and difficult event, however having an awareness of the initial impression you are making will put you one step ahead. One of the most important parts of an interview is the first impression you create. The first step to managing the impression you create is being self-aware.

As the saying goes: “We are so used to seeing the world through our own eyes that it is easy to forget how to look at ourselves”.

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